Throughout our history, there have always been rich and powerful oligarchs who believe America belongs to them and no one else. They cling to the tiniest, bitterest version of ‘we the people.’


They were the slaveowners who told us all men are created equal, but kept their fellow Americans in chains. Now, they are Wall Street bankers, fossil fuel CEOs, racist prosecutors, billionaires and the politicians they employ: they are drowned in money, and have left so many of us drowning. They would rather destroy the world with their hatred and greed than share it with the rest of us.

They tell you to mistrust me, and me to fight you, they tell us to hate each other, so that they can survive.

We are the people whose lives and dreams are at stake. We are the young, the workers, the dreamers, the fighters who are taking responsibility to make this country one where everyone belongs.

#AllofUs is a home for all the people who are dissatisfied with the racist Republicans and Wall Street Democrats. We are the ones who will make America what it’s always claimed to be. We believe that loving this country means caring about all of the people who live in it - not just those with money or the right skin color or who were born in the right place.

We will not sit at home and watch as our democracy is torn apart -- because you and I, us, deserve the life and dreams we have fought so hard to get.

Our generation will create a new idea of what it means to be an American that’s based on community and care, not racism and greed. We know that we’re not united by shared ancestry, but by a shared destiny. We won’t let Wall Street bankers and the politicians they employ, fossil fuel billionaires, or racist prosecutors stand in our way any longer.

We will fight to make America a real democracy in which all of the people are represented and have the things they need to thrive.

We the people, for each other and for the America we deserve. For #AllOfUs.