We believe young people can solve the crisis of community in America. We know that we live in an America that has yet to live up to its promise. An America that is not yet great.

We live in an America that in increasingly unequal, unfair, and divided by racism and resentment. A country where if you don't have money, you're no one. An America where too many lives aren’t valued and too many people aren’t given the basic dignity they deserve.

So many of us feel like we can’t get ahead, or are falling behind, or can’t keep up. So many of us feel like our problems are ours and ours alone. 

Our lives are harder than they have to be because the ruling class has convinced us that only a very few deserve a decent life. They divide us with the lie that some our our lives are more valuable than others. They tell us not to trust ourselves, or each other. They tell us that if you don't have money, you're no one.

We have grown up in a world shaped by a corrupt ruling class that uses hate to defend their greed and is not accountable to the people. We know the way things work now isn’t working for anyone. We know a different way is possible -- if we can come together.

Young people have already started rising up.  We fought the separation of our families through deportation. We showed the world the value of black lives. We occupied Wall Street. We made a political revolution seem possible. We provided hope at a time when change did not seem possible.

Now, it’s time for us to launch a democratic revolution.

If we come together as a generation, we have the power to:


Launch an electoral insurgency in 2017 to break the hold of the ruling class on our democracy by challenging Wall Street Democrats and Racist Republicans.


Run a wave of progressive leaders to win elections and take power at the city, state and national level.


Use their power in office to transform communities, so everyone feels valued and has the things they need to thrive


Make America a real democracy in which all of our voices are represented - not just the billionaires of the ruling class and the parties they control.